week review (09-08 thru 09-14)

The reason why I sometimes get upset with these week review is the fact that I make few modifications from the previous week.

+ exercise: ran ~15 minutes
+ continued prayer, God is working!! (Dad another interview, a good conversation with Alex, good relationships with others)
+ learning to be a little more generous, but I still an area of progress
+ felt like some good work on reading (later on in the week),
+ semi-standing desk (hopefully to wear myself earlier out)
+ realization that I plan too much and execute too little

-sleep: trying to see if this exercise will help adjust my sleep schedule

Overall, the problem is overcomplicating things that don’t really matter and then end up seeming really upnight. Instead, it’s better to work hard during the day, stay on top of my reading, exercise at least semi-regularly (several times a week), and then having fun. There’s no reason to complciate things. My roommate has done a really good job keeping on top of the reading and also getting her fun in.
So, just get started and finish. That’s it. No need to discuss it a lot


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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