note to self (decisions, Quiet time)

Today I read a great article about how the president is efficient because he only uses his mental efforts to make important decisions (trivial things are well, trivial). So, today, I almost went thru a (imaginary) boy #? problem after what occurred last week/weekend. Well, it’s a good thing God is in control of things because I think it’s probably a very CLEAR sign that this is it. Today, I’m deciding that I’m going to focus on my school efforts and ignore boy things for the time being. After all, I’m a girl, so I shouldn’t be overanalyzing what boys say. If “He’s Just not that into you” has taught me anything, if men don’t make their emotions to you explicit, then there are no emotions. Period.

I’m looking forward to an awesome year where I learn about the function of things both from a minute level up to (hopefully) a big picture level. So behold, onward to happiness invested in learning and getting big things done. In the long and short run, you’ll be rewarded (by happiness, a sense of accomplishment, increased self-esteem and above all a decreased need to show my intelligence to people who i’m frankly envy/deify.) This is the year, this is your chance. Let’s do it!

Also on an unrelated note: 1) learn to read better, and 2) Quiet time stabilizes me.
Reminder to self: God has made me stronger, happier, and challenged me in good ways. men, frankly are cool, but i seriously doubt if they could hold a flame to God.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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