note to self (God is awesome)

I had a nice chat with my girlfriends about our insecurities– and how God is quite graceful about that. Jesus, a Jewish man, went up to a Samaritan woman and said to her pretty much, I know who you are inside and out and I still want to talk to you and offer you something that only God is capable of doing.

Isn’t it amazing that God would love us exactly as who we are– we aren’t “not good enough” for XYZ. God is good. And we need to watch out for the lies we believe and give our whole lives to– the lies that we aren’t smart enough, good enough, fill in your blank enough. He loves us just the way we are.

Secondly, God is amazing because he give us everyday gifts that are so perfect. Like for example, today I was kind of becoming demotivated after reading for an hour at the library. And then, along comes a friend who talks to me about applications, and the importance of getting A’s and standardized scores. So of course, I start worrying myself, but I have to stop myself. Everything outside of faith is sin. Which includes worrying.

So then, I start of course, looking up application statistics and find that the first application I read is “focus on your studies”. Tests are important too, but focus on your studies. Wow. God thanks. And yet, I’m still a little stressed out. I sense it in my bodies.

I’m sure no amount of deep breathing would alleviate my panic and anxiety attacks. My roommate walks along to ask for something, and in my search for things, I ask God for peace and for obedience to His will and to worship His Being in all I do. And I here I am, calm, a drawer cleaner, a lot more focused, able to refuse Chocolate M and Ms and opted for some cranberries. And now, I’m realizing God has been right all along. He is Good. He is Perfect.

And so if you are ever worried, or stressed, or confused, I beseech you to intentionally find a Bible, read it, and really earnestly look for God. You will find Him in the stillness. You won’t be disappointed.


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