note to self (cultural observations, action and words)

I think it’s interesting that most Western films feature love as sexual love, but Eastern movies (Korean dramas come to mind in particular) can feature couples that are equally if not more loving without all the nudity. Why is that? Can’t Hollywood chose to feature relationships in a different way? I think it over-sexualizes the relationships prevalent among 20 to 30 somethings. Perhaps I’m missing out on some irony if there is any. However, I think TV culture, at the surface, tends to overvalue sex over the love part. It’s akin to the fact that people tend to value good speaker over good doers. After all, why do we put all our faith into politicians (read: good speakers) who can’t deliver the promises? In other words, why don’t we value the action more over words.

Surely, there is a great emphasis on the beauty of language and words. i get it. However, I think society could emphasize actions more strongly over the words and the emotions generated. 

Call me cynical or whatever, but I don’t read people based on the words they say, I judge people based on their actions. Therefore, to me, a “good person” is someone who actually delivers their promises, and does more than talks.

Action speaks louder than words.


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