note to self (people are mirrors)

The other day, I was talking with a friend and I asked whether this friend had contacted my other friend who works in non-profits. It has been a week now and said friend has not contacted her.  I’m upset with this. mirror for: inaction, procrastination, and not following up on others.

I called someone else and they sent me an email stating that they were on the verge of contacting someone. This annoyed me. mirror for: telling other people that I’m going to do things and not do them.

Today, I was talking with another person, and this person just kept complaining about how they had a long commute, didn’t like the people he worked with, and told me to stop offering suggestions if they were stupid suggestions. I was upset with this dialogue. mirror for: complaining and being negative. I should count my blessing and see the beautiful in the broken, tired, and unkempt.

That being said, these mirrors suggest that I finish the things I need to read today. AND I need to be more patient with others. 

I subscribe to a blog whose content I read each time it arrives. Its content used to be every othe day, then every Friday, and now haphazardly. However, I read it because it offers novel insight that is not found on other pages.  In other words, like I once said, to be exceptional, you have to do more than the average. And it needn’t be that extra much. Just set a higher basal level of excellence. “habitually excellent, n’est-ce pas?”


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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