note to self (The LORD is good)

It’s funny. I didn’t think people read this personal blog of mine. But… life surprises me. 

The past day and year have been God’s blessing. He disproved many notions about myself, other people, and WHO HE IS.

Many people have mixed feeling about people who follow Him. However, I think going to the source is always a smart idea— I have found in the last year, that God and Jesus is about creating beautiful things out of the dust– and out of us (to steal a line from Gungor). All the great people in the Bible have had crazy pasts (prostitutes, tax collector, people who persecuted Christ-followers)–amazing people. I guess, I’m really grateful for having Him realize that NO ONE is hopeless, because if prostitutes –>  a daughter of God, and the devil (who was the brightest of angels)  fell to the lowly position. What is beyond God? And moreover, what can I boast? 

Things disproven (thanks)

-worshipping people with terminal degrees: no longer under worship. They aren’t God

-disliking wealthy people: I though they were careless (hat tip: Gatsby) and bad people– they are not bad. They shouldn’t be envied, disliked, or thought of as different.

-my way of studying/doing things is the best way: no. diversity is beautiful.

-I would be alone forever. Well, the jury is still out on this one. However, I’m not someone who finds security in another human being. I’m flawed. Other people are flawed. The infallible, reliable one is He Above.

-I’m neither funny nor smart. Both were disproven recently. (stated explicitly)

-my abilities lie in my degree, and the school. Not true. 

I wonder what He’ll think of next. I can’t wait.  


About ivtravels

I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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