note to self (feeling blah, look at your tuition!)

The past couple of days have been a listless, depressing, and unmotivated. I had no reason to be not joyful– He has blessed me with a great grade, good friends, and laughter. Except, I slacked off and got scared about why a certain professor didn’t like me. Or something along those lines.

I forget the best advice I’ve received has been, “Don’t be emotional about science. You can always improve and do better”. Second, what really awoke me to the idea that I don’t have time to be depressed is….paying for my tuition. When I had to sit down and sign promissory notes, and transfer money between bank accounts, I realized just how much money I was investing into this venture, and how much things and how expensive time is. That got me out of my depression and fear fast. So yeah, thanks God for reminding and lifting me quickly out of a state of stupor and fear. Thanks for reminding me why I’m fasting from sugar this week, and why I need to finish my reading.

You always bless me and remind me that hard times are not here forever.

Note to self: make a flowchart– that is, if I’m upset about something/someone, remind myself how expensive it is to be here.


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