note to self (injustice, honey, and spending money)

On injustice: Tonight I saw a movie that mirrored the Iranian hostage situation (Argo). It was “The King of Scotland”.
After seeing the movie, I am reminded by the presence of injustices everywhere and how little I do to
mitigate it. I forget what inequalities and injustice looks like when I complain about studying, working too hard,
misunderstand concepts in my courses. There’s a reason why people so funnily call it #firstworldproblems.

But seeing vicariously through an artificial lens– I’m reminded why I want to be a doctor. It’s not just to get into a medical school. It’s not just for some job. It’s not for job security. It’s not so I can serve the wealthy. It’s not because I want a posh life. It’s because public service is an inherent duty of being a doctor. It’s not because I think I’m going to be the ONE to make a HUGE difference. But there are so many problems, so many inequities– and sure it’s great that college and universities look for people who serve underserved communities. But it can’t be just for one’s resume. And therefore, I need to know everything, study harder for these next upcoming exams.

On Ethics
I realized how slippery the slope making decisions can be. Nicolas started off as a fresh young doctor from Scotland. He makes the first move by attempting to have extramarital relations with his fellow female physician (who smartly rejects the idea). Then he slowly gives in, refuses to speak up, until he wakes up one and it is too late. Moral slippery slopes are slow and gradual.

Other thoughts: Finding the Fit. What’s right for you might not be right for someone else.
Fitting in and finding an environment that fits one’s personality style, etc. I think my friend made a smart choice to chose the current school. I think i would have fit right in. Honestly, I think I would have had fewer adjustment issues– so I realize the importance of finding the fit– finding somewhere I could thrive.

It just makes me cry to see how much injustice and how comfortable I’ve gotten to be in my spending patterns. It reminds me why I’m so attracted to Him, because he weeps with us. Because he weeps for the injustice that’s present in this world. And it’s this constant everyday reminder that I needed to be reminded, “Wake up, me! Look at all the things you have! Look at how much you have. Look at how ungrateful you are!” Look Look everywhere.


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