note to self (G is good)

It’s funny how G works. He is so good, so funny, and so on point. Such a great teacher. I cried out to him because the state of my soul.

Yesterday, I had a conversation about medical schools:
-relationships are good, date at an earlier time

-someone who partly wished they were single because of the difficulties of long-distance (no hugging buddy around all the time).
-jealous of a friend’s accomplishments
-jealousy is an indicator of what i think i can accomplish, but have a vague longing for
-jealous of a friend who went to a great school, and then my heart was tempered by their IV work
-reading about not feeling for yourself because only assholes are like that (Murakami)
-disciplined with running (ran a longer distance? than usual for the same day)
-realization about intelligence and impressive people:
impressive work is only done in focused bursts; i just take a longer time to get to that stage.

In short, G was very good because: 1) He gently reminded me that schools are not the finished product of a person, 2) GPAs do not indicate ability, 3) hard work pays off, 4) real ability trumps social signaling of ability much like the real behavior, actions, and words override the empty words. Words, in themselves indicate the reflection of a internal soul.


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