note to self (epiphanies)

Thanks G.

-social anxiety associated with people speaking in other languages around me. a minute later: answered by someone in the group direclty speaking in English again.

-fear about being in a bad neighborhood: immediately afterwards, a woman is nearby and a policeman arrives on the scene.

From watching TV:
-Supernatural: circle of salt around someone. tells the murderer: “listen to me, don’t leave the circle”. there are some things in life we can’t understand why, but we should obey anyways because they are good for us. (i.e. we will get hurt if we don’t obey)
-for things that upset you, try to fix it. try to separate your emotions from it. “talking about it” won’t help. e.g. if the lightbulb is broken, we need to fix it, we don’t need to “talk about it’
-focus more time on getting the thing done rather than the reputation, degree, or perceived prestige associated with it. actions always speak louder than words.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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