note to self (being distracted, focus, and happiness

Today during a working session with two other colleagues, I noted that the one who was a) interesting, but often distracted was b) often distracted and had trouble focusing. The other individual came across as a thinker who was able to dissect the material and reconstruct it in an approachable, easy to understand way. What made the difference?

Actions are telling of one’s inner self. For example, put the two in a similar situation. How do the two respond? They will respond differently, if they have different inner selves. The first explicitly stated, “I can hear that perosn talking about something.” while the other either a)intentionally taught himself how to ignore it and b) did not hear it. The former could not not hear what the speaker was saying, albeit the speaker was in a different room.

Second, I spoke to a professor who is notable for what he does and does a lot of thing. A lot of great things. And thinks clearly and quite abstractly. I asked him how he got so much done. He says he’s able to switch tasks without spending a lot of in between switching time. Streamlined. And he works and rests to the maximum. None of that pseudo work or pseudo rest.

For about an hour, I definitely got lost in my limbic system being angry, emotional, and somewhat jealous of what others have done. And then i went to my bank statement to verify funds, took a shower, and then reminded myself of the things and the reasons why I’m here. and when I look online and think about my commitments and the underlying motivations to do things– and I realize that you are good. You are awesome and you blanket me from stress and have provided for me.

Thank you for your kindness and for blessing me.

1) focus on ABOVE. This world and everything in it is ephemeral.
2) inspiration
3) focus focus focus.

Actionables/Habits– Tired, distracted, uncertain?
1) take a shower, and just shower.
2) QT. focus on others. lose self-centeredness
3) focus by thinking and working hard.
4) pray.

In some order.

Tomorrow I’m getting a bus pass.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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