note to self (self-discovery)

notes: keep it in one place, use different colors depending on whether it’s in class, from textbook, or from main questions prof asks

inspiration: You can’t go out and expect to “inspire people”. That’s not how it’s done. Excellence, brilliance. Being the 1% in what you do, distinguishing yourself from others, that’s what gets you recognized. And it’s not so much about recognition. There is a thrill to doing something well. Doing something so fluidly that it’s a dance. Because music, art, and food (sometimes?– think Ratatouille!) inspires because it’s gestalt speaks to you in a logic, in a order that nothing else does.

–> remember that for logic to work: brilliant people are good at what they are good at. that doesn’t mean that their domain expands to beyond their prescribed domain. maybe. maybe not. every person that i’ve ever been attracted to has been a) different from other people, (haha), and b) i have often fallen in like with the concept of a person rather than necessarily the gestalt individual. I think it’s a also a signal for what i like/what i want in myself– discipline, mental acuity, memory, ability to connect things,

today, someone came to OH to ask about shoes. i was a little surprised, but it made me realize how I’ve been trying to gain friends/expand my social circle without actually focusing on the main important task. Which is learning the subject well. Because that’s honestly the only reason I admire the people I admire. I don’t admire how many people they know. The end.

Owl says, “Girl sees what she wants to see. Boy sees what he sees.”

You can’t change what people think about you; you can only change your actions.

Misunderstanding. Self judgement based on intentions. Others based on actions. Disconnect between misunderstanding.


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