note to self

I met up with an old friend (from last year)– E.

Things realized:
People change. Likewise, that means confidence.
People are more adaptable than you think; just be open-minded.
Some things are just things you need to do. And you get it done.
Most people (or at least more people than you think) didn’t like high school.
If you offer something of value to the world (skill, friendship, ability to listen others, ability to be honest with someone in a unique way that others are unwilling to do etc.), you will be valued. (opposite of narcissism).
You are different and are made distinct by the different things you do, not by doing everything the same way that other people do it.
Therefore, if you are that one person, who is brave, and willing to do what others are unwilling to do, that reaches out to speak to someone who you’re having a difficult time, you are that different person (not because you are striving to be different, but it just happens to be that you are more authentic self).
You will find out that there is always a dichotomy between apppearance vs. reality.
Having that conversation –> people are insecure are too! (in their own way),
Honest conversations matter. They are the only ones that do.
Eat yo’ fiber = fruits and vegetables. More svp.
Sometimes my younger self knew that there were things not to worry about and that things happen in their own timing and not my timing. (e.g. worrying about marriage when honestly, that wasn’t even something that i was worried about 2 years ago).
Waking up early might be difficult, but after a while you get accustomed to resetting the clock without your conscious efforts and it works.

Also, I think after a couple days of complaining out loud about a h.s. friend from the past (too many differences to completely reconcile entirely), and then hanging out with this friend, I realized that you can’t hang on to people/things just because out of habit, “might as well”, or just because it’s been a long time. And I realized that I’ve made some great new friends that I connect with well.

Thanks G; you are really good. awesome actually.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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