note to self (kindness, cheerfulness, and narcissism)

Thanks be to He who provides all things.

Yesterday, I went onto Fbook and I noticed a couple of things: there was a friend who had posted a delightful picture of “mock all powerful” picture with a cupcake. Ha! I hadn’t expected to smile.

I was studying today, and I saw on one of the questions–written on the side, “dum-dum. Look at the figure”. (I kind of heard in Tina Fey’s voice).

And then another poster who had a picture with the co-workers. And how this person probably do any work. “I carried bags”

Each of these examples made me smile. And I’m really grateful for the wonderful people in the world who make it so. And so I realize, seriously, “Why so serious?”

It’s a lot more fun to be around when you aren’t 1) super serious/stern, 2) must show off intelligence/wit/etc. 3) True, genuine smiles. Are the best.

Also, when I noticed that the theatrical adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce” is happening when I’m preparing for this study. Makes me so. sad. last time, i missed Screwtape. This time?

Yeah, I can’t say anything more.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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