note to self: thanks, reflection, and on focus

Today was exhausting (and confusing) in its own way after a five hour exam. But never have I felt so much love from and encouragement from You (receiving texts and prayers from all sorts of people). I think I put in all my effort in these past couple of days. Some thoughts I’ve gathered over the past couple of months of focused study.

1. It takes a long time to learn to focus. Like weeks. But you have to believe it will happen and so you have to incrementally increase how long you can sit still for and focused. You have to believe it’s going to happen if you put in the effort…and 

2. And suddenly, you’re focusing and reading things like Theory of Literature for (semi-fun) and it definitely carries over into other areas of your life (like your eating habits, and exercising).

3. Being healthy feels good to the brain and to the body: note, I avoided (mostly) processed carbohyrates with a few exceptions (mostly eating blueberries, blackberries, salmon, and lots of azuki beans), cooked meals by the Ma <3. And despite not exercising for over a week, I was suddenly able to bike for at least 1.5 times longer (at a rapid pace). Diet —> you (and often how you feel about yourself)

4. Minimizing sugar. Today was the first day I ate an Oreo in 2 weeks or so. It was the first day after 7 days of eating peach gummies. I ate an almond cookie for the first time. And afterwards, I felt sick. Like, sugar was kind of repugnant. 

5. And on top of that, I think my sleep is improving. (more on this later, we’ll see…)

6. You have to believe it’s going to happen, and then you have to put in the effort, and keep believing that it’ll happen if you put in the effort. Along the way, try to reinforce with little treats. Like ‘yay!’ i did a little. But keep going. Keep going! Cheer Cheer! 

***7. The only way you can do 6 effectively is if you truly believe that G really really cares for you, wants you be who you are meant to be. At the same, He does not encourage laziness. So he will reward you, encourage you, but HE wants YOU TO GROW.***

8. Something I learned tangentially, you have to be a self-assured, self-defined. And do interesting things that occupy your time. And really trust that G is working. You can’t always see it, but HE is really there. He is always there. He’s not loud, not obnoxious, but he is there. And making things happen, in his way to MAKE YOU GROW. Always ask, What is HE trying to teach me here? At this moment?

9. Dedicate more to talking with HIM. think about all the joy and wonderful(ness) you’ve experienced through with HIM. 

10. Be grateful (and express your gratefulness) via remembering other people’s test days, and focusing on other people (in a not dependent way, but in a ‘hooray, i am really excited for you kind of way’.

11. Humor is awesome. And makes things more bearable. Seriously. Joy is kind of. Awesome. Like totes.


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