note to self (good vs. nice people)

My mom is so smart in her own way. My dad is smart in a way closer to my way. I dissect things, and reverse engineer to understand, my mom understands without the theory. She is so smart with people. 

I realized that all the really really good people that have been good to me vs. nice/funny are those who aren’t always the people who I really want to stay in touch with.

The people who are good who care about you, aren’t always the flashiest or the most attractive socially…but they have things figure out in ways that i wouldn’t have imagined. They are the ones who are the most straightforward, and see my traits and can be the gentlest in the most unique ways. They help me in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined. And in short, I think it’s another lesson about my pride and about “degrees” and “what’s can I show others”. Because I’ve found friends in the unlikeliest of places and I really like them for reasons I wouldn’t have known in the beginning. 

Hey: reminder! Content over the name/prestige/whatever…you have to remember this in ever aspect of your life.

E.K., S.R., S.W. S.K. 



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