note to self (expectations and the next step isn’t going to cut it)

today has been a real blessing. And I realized that it’s so nice to be surrounded by people of different age groups. Because it’s clear what matters, matters at different stages. and I think it’s really refreshing to be reminded what matters. 

when your kids are small, but not too big: kids are awesome and fun and cute, but they also take away sleep and there and can be stressful things. just because you’re married doesn’t mean your life is resolved. (I thought it would be). Likewise, just because you’re in a relationship it doesn’t mean everything is resolved, it just means…it might be better– and less stressful because then you get a nice problem solver next to you. but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

when your kids are grown and out of the house: you have to find your own hobbies. gardening seems like a good one and being interested and caring for the neighborhood kids. 

and just because you’re married, doesn’t mean it’s always rainbows and sunshine. After a while, maybe you grow apart…and other people might seem exciting and interesting.

So the short and long story, is work hard in your job, but relationships with other people really matter. Clear communication counts too. So work hard and play hard. The shiny things aren’t other things, status, awards, or things that could be “shiny” but the people (unless that person is dressed in aluminum) or painted silver. 

another important thing i think is learning to figure out what is important, and organizing your time so that the important things get taken care of. Because life only gets busier. 


Also, tips on prudence:
1) prince of peace: are you at peace?
a. is this biblical?
b. if you have a gut feeling of no, then don’t do it
2) business only with believers: when same level. When above you then doesn’t apply.
3) short term vs. long term: humans see short term but G sees long term. Try to trust Him a little more through prayer and thanksgiving to know that He has your long term interests at heart. Always.


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I like questions, dreaming, doing things, and trying new experiences. Ask me.
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