>>Quarterly Goals: To often I get to the end of the year thinking, what were my goals this year? Did I “carry out them”? I read about it here and said, what a great a idea and left it at that. Here, I’ll 1) keep a written record of the goals and also 2) only have 1 concrete goal per quarter rather than 5 abstract ones, 3) make remarks about the implementation of the goal 4)extra: birthday goal.

Jan-April 2014: Get off Facebook. (unintentional, started in Feb). Really good for me. I like to status check others to really compare myself –> anxiety, wasted time, and unhappiness.
update: 07-14-14: it’s been really healthy to get off Facebook, my Linkedin stalking has also decreased; I think it’s been really (really) healthy for my time and mental energies. I think pruning these distractions to specific times of the time = better for me.
May-August 2014: Being early. (Show up early, get things done ahead of time): being mindful about this goals has been good so far. Hoping that it’ll extend to less anxiety to other areas of my life too.
update: 07-07-14 this has arguable been harder to accomplish b/c it’s less tied to a specific task. However, I think I am (qualitatively) being better at this. I think I will extend this goal from September-December, did not do a good job –> accidents and bad things, I think one of the root problem is not finishing things (either not finishing it at all, moving on to something else and forgetting about it, or getting tired at the end and not finishing well)
Sept-December 2014: finishing well and finishing. (trying to finish up the year on a positive note) and not being tired because it is the end of tasks etc. recall that the memory of whether something was good or bad is correlated with the end experience! (also related to being mindful of time and how i spend it).
things to finish/do: secondaries (this week), job search (find one), apply for a grant, start writing book (interactive one? for ipads?)

Spanish (achieve “Advanced Level”: B2),
-comments: good, but has often been pushed to the back b/c of other tasks
Chinese: started off good, but have not done much since.

— read Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.


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