Weekend Adventures

Inspired by 1) Buried Life , 2) reading somewhere that small burst of excitement are awesome and manageable compared to a 1 week trip/year to somewhere amazing. Let’s find beauty and greatness in the mundane. I’m going to do something fun each weekend, regardless of how much other busy-ness I have:
This post is related to Cultural Adventures (which are more involved). Here’s a concrete promise to the trite (but meaningful) idea that life is living in the present:

[x] make basic momofuku noodles (ginger & scallion) completed: 04-21-12
[x] bake Hummingbird cake completed 04-28-12
[x] college friend visit, talk, and food 05-12-12 *so happy*
[x] wedding + forced myself to be social with other people (took initiative to start conversations 06-16-12
[x] napped in a person’s backyard, went drinking, discovered and shared secrets; went to the city with a new friend, had a yummy cupcake and discussed life, fears, and insecurities 06-24-12
[x] dancing with friends in w-park; also became very inebriated; was more generous 06-30-12
[x] ate yummy food with the ‘rents: kimchi fries + korean tacos, beach side drive 07-08-12
[x] went to a rural town, drank, and chatted with coworker (M-ango, IL), went horse-seeing, end of summer 2012
[x] met up with a friend, nature walk + , start a book/lit club (next year), 08-16-12
> update: it’s happening! the book club, that is….
[x] learned to be joyful with the Lord, Fall 2012
[x] throw a mad party, Fall 2012
[x] vocal and piano duet with brother, recorded, and posted online, Winter 2012
[x] started keeping an annotated version of books (C.S. Lewis’, Fall-Winter 2012/13
[x] Indian food with an Indian, various, Fall 2012
[x] Korean food with Koreans, various Fall 2012
[x] forgave an acquaintance non-traditionally by accepting L’din request, Winter 2012
[x] attend orchestra at a world class orchestra (44106!), various Fall 2012
[x] get room service at a hotel, hold a baby, give a baby a bath, December 2012
[x] make latkes for 10+ people, Winter 2012
[x] get happy grades, Winter 2012
[x] get money randomly from bus-train station machines, Winter 2012
[x] Niagara Falls, CA: winery tasting, sans passport, Spring 2013
[x] make a Youtube video/one of my semi-big project ideas to meet one of my heroes, June 2013
did not win but did 1) finish the video and 2) make concrete steps on a big project that i’ve wanted to do (= progress)
[x] Sacramento, CA & Lake Tahoe, CA: I fell in ❤ with California. sand. beach. friends. ice cream. conversations.
[x] Columbus, OH: eating Asian food and dessert (lots), productive in a coffee shop with background music, October 2013
[x] made new friends! (2012,2013)
[x] road trip with friends (2012, 2013)
[x] gave a research conference, Fall 2013
[x] presented a poster, Fall 2013
[x] became a leader of a SG, Fall 2013
[x] textbook signatures, Fall 2013
[x] Malaysian food with a Malaysian, Fall 2013
[x] epiphanies about my thinking process
[x] grown up trip + paired new friends, Fall 2013
[x] Megabus

Themes: <>

weekend trips and 2
-food tasting @ a company
-try out a world of breakfast foods (another blog idea?):
-watch videos of art history (until complete)– first Western art history and learning to see
-hidden gems of Chicago:
*underground theaters
*other hiddden Chicago
Communiteach: Dance/Swing Dancing/Language/French
Barbeque + Cotton Candy Machine +

Practicing the “Yes and…”


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