note to self (be yourself)

2 years ago, i joined a lab and worked with a diligent and automated co-worker. I really admired her and praised her. I didn’t care much about my own image, and I think I got swept along with the all the activities she wanted to do. I invested my money into something, that in retrospect was a poor decision. I think she might have respected me more had I invested more time in creating a better image for myself and standing to my principles (spending less money, maybe doing more volunteer work or exercising.)

In the end, there are only a few people who will love you for who you are (good day or bad day). That list differs for each individual, but I believe family usually tops that list. And yourself. It’s difficult for others to respect or value you if you don’t value or respect yourself.

I visited a school and was surprised to find somebody there that was an undergraduate at a school I sometimes (wistfully) might have wanted to attend. I also went to a night club and was disgusted by how vulgar people’s behavior and words. I partook in these behaviors and was almost bewitched into believing that God had left something good away from me. Not true. I think it just leads to more heartache and unhappiness and emotional confusion.

I don’t need to do all the drunken antics or be there at all events for people or parties. I think I used to think that I missed out on all the parties back in school, but now, I’m tired of them. Some of my friends who are older than me by a couple years and one of them who is crazier than me (but was a former co-worker), has done some things that I’m honestly surprised, disappointed, and well let’s put it this way. By her age, I wouldn’t want to be doing the things that she is doing.

In then end, it’s about respecting yourself (being presentable, not acquiescing to others demands all the time) and respecting others (listening to them, etc.)


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